Do I need a license in Arizona to perform eyelash extensions?
Yes. A.R.S. §32-506(13) exempts from licensure only people who perform eyelash enhancements, not eyelash extensions. 

Definition:  Professional Eyelash Extensions: Attaching one or a group of single fiber extension (s) without pre-applied adhesive onto another person's isolated natural lash with the use of a cyanoacrylate adhesive to extend and increase the length and width for compensation intended to last more than 2 weeks.

While eyelash extensions are an enhancement, an enhancement alone is not eyelash extensions

1. Intended Length of Wear
Enhancements such as strips are intended for several hours to several days while clusters, tabs or flares are intended for days UP TO 2  weeks. Eyelash extensions are intended for more than 2 weeks, averaging 3-5 weeks.

2. Type of Adhesive used
LashGrip Adhesive is a latex-based adhesive formulated for strip lashes to last several hours. It can also be used to apply individual lashes for an evening. LashTite Adhesive is latex-free. Eyelash extension adhesive is cyanoacrylate based.

3. Preparation of skin around lashes
Requires prepping lashes and skin around eyes with cleansers and moisturizers, applying the protective covering to bottom lashes over the upper cheek.

4. Use of implements
Requires the use usually of 2 needlepoint tweezers (one in each hand) that come in contact with lash hair, skin and secretions/discharge of the eye.

5. Isolation
Enhancements do not require any isolating of the natural lashes but rather are nestled into the lash line or attached to the lid skin. Professional Eyelash Extensions are applied to carefully isolated natural lashes so that the natural lash can grow in its respective cycle freely, unencumbered by neighboring lashes sticking together. When done properly, Professional Eyelash Extensions allow clients to wear extensions indefinitely (with touch-ups) without the natural lashes breaking off and thinning out.