$10 off lash service in exchange for at least (1) unopened bottle of Flintstones chewable vitamins or adult Centrum chewable vitamins.  

REQUIREMENTS: Chewable only - Must have seal - Not expired.


October 30, 2013, InItForTheCause was on a therapeutic outreach mission in Haiti. The group posted photos on Facebook of Ophelia Aleon, a Haitian woman living in a voodoo cemetery, injured and near death. The group drove hours in treacherous conditions to "Doctors Without Borders" seeking medical assistance. 

When they arrived, a team of doctors, medical assistants sprung into action along with the group from InItForTheCause. They spent hours cleaning, cutting off barbed-wire, belts, and metal rings clamped onto Ophelia's fingers so tight that she lost many fingers. During this time, a man sat at Ophelia's head singing to her as he shaved her head; when he finished, he disappeared - no one had ever seen him before or since. 

The doctors advised Ophelia's leg required amputation (as you can see in the pictures, there was no granular tissue), the larvae in her leg were feeding on the dead tissues, which is what kept her alive to this point. Ophelia refused to have her leg amputated. A miracle happened, granular-tissue began to grow. Today, her leg has made a full recovery, and she no longer tests positive for Aids. 

After Ophelia's release from the hospital, a new picture of Ophelia as posted, catching Patrice's attention, it was like looking at 1 John 4:18 "Perfect love casts out fear," her face shows no fear. 

What impressed Patrice about InItForTheCause is the team stayed and assisted the doctors in her care. Then returned to Haiti upon her release from the hospital in search of an orphanage who would take her in and provide the care she needed. InItForTheCause still regularly visits Ophelia to this day. Patrice chose to support InItForTheCause and continues to this day because the donation items directly benefit orphans and widows. 

When you bring at least (1) unopened bottle of Flintstones Chewable vitamins or adult Centrum Chewable vitamins, you will receive $10.00 off your service. NO GUMMY VITAMINS - THEY MELT IN TRANSIT. 

InItForTheCause travels to Haiti and Mexico regularly; the team packed all donation items and distributes according to the needs of the orphanages they are personally visiting - this includes Ophelia's orphanage.

 You not only walk out with beautiful lashes - your purchase provided an orphan or widow with their bottle of vitamins.

Patrice is hesitant about showing pictures of Ophelia because she doesn't want to exploit her. Ophelia's rescue is such a miracle; it's a reminder that we can never give up on God.